MKH3 Hash Erection Results

After a great day out at the Milton Keynes Marathon we held the 2019 MKH3 Erections.

Top effort on the marathon guys Doggie Bag grabbing another full Marathon and the boys and girls marathon relay teams both posting respectable times.

The post marathon merriment brought us the annual hash erections

The results are as follows

Grand Master - Friction Burns
Religious Adviser - Doggie Bag, Good Head
Hash Kash - Daisy
Hash Stats - Daisy
Beer Master - Messy Discharge, Dark Horse
Hare Raiser - Arseover Tit
Haberdasher - Gee Gee String
On Sec - Cum Dancing
Song Master - Condom Man
Hash Perv - Thermal Probe
Hashtorian - Daisy
Web Master - Daisy
Hash Flash - Cum Dancing
Hash Hotline - Cum Dancing

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