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MKH3 17th Anniversary

In May 2007 theMKH3 was 17 years old. To celebrate we had a "classic" r*n set by our revered founder  - Grizzler - using his renowned dribble-dropper. What other venue could we use but the inspiration for our logo - the Concrete Cows? Here we are at the bovine beauty spot having a Beer & Bubbly Stop. Pictured from left to right are: Pierluigi Collina, Shagalot, Drip, Cock-Up, Omo, Legover, Tinkerbell, Semi, Ring Peace, Wise Crack, Parson's Nose, Grizzler, Pussy Warmer, Daisy and Doggie Bag.
Picture by Cum Dancing after a few slugs of the bubbling brew - judging by the clarity of the photo.

Yes folks - it's holiday snap season again. Salty Nuts went to France and discovered a quite appropriate place for hashers to holiday.

These guys went to the INTERHASH and all we got was a lousy banner.

Due to the idiosyncrasies of Cum Dancing's CD-Writer we still don't have any explicit pictures from the Interhash 2004 by Cardifff. 

So you'll have to make do with a picture of the banner that was liberated from the Millenium Stadium by some public spirited MKH3 Hashers. 

A snapshot from 3 Peaks trip sent by Cum Dancing. This is Ring Peace ignoring all  rules laid down by MeJulie. Funny - the Harriette in the Pink Hat didn't want to join in.


Ici Monsieur Chauffage du Chat avec le boisson au Font des Sources. Quel un homme brave depuis 41 ans. C'est un pose typique des Anglais apres quelques bieres blondes (regardez la main a droit). Il faut regarder aussi l'absence totalement des petites pussies francaises qui sont normalment au bord du lac. Le piel blanc de CdC a cause les pussies de retourner chez luis pour trouver leslunettes du soleil. 

Image envoyer par Dr Z. 



This arrived by owl this morning. Apparently concerns the recent foray into the southern reaches of Cambria by a select and intrepid band of MKH3 hashers.


3 Peaks Satellite Images


Ben Nevis from Space. The pale blue stuff is snow the rest of the colours are intuitive enough. Looks easy from here doesn't it? You can just make out the south western end of the Caledonian Canal running from the imaginatively named Loch Lochy at the top of the picture down to Loch Linnhe at Fort William.

Scafell Pike at the centre of the image and most of the Lake District. Sellafield is the rectangular area gently glowing near the coast to the west. The walk from Seathwaite to the top of Wastwater even looks a long way from here - Cum Dancing !!??

Snowdon at the centre of the image surrounded by the mountains of Northern Gwynedd in the Snowdonia National Park. The large fluffy white things are not gigantic sheep but just go to show that it's always raining on someone, somewhere in Wales.
These images are small parts of a LARGE mosaic downloaded from: https://zulu.ssc.nasa.gov/MRSID/

They are False Colour Composite images from NASA's LANDSAT 5 acquired around 1987 - 1992.

MrSID is not a hash handle it is an image compression format.  Don't bother downloading these mosaics unless you have the image processing or GIS software that can read MrSID format. They are HUGE!

Images downloaded, subsectioned and described by Shagalot

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